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Volunteer and Companion Services

Volunteer and Companion Services strengthen the community by connecting volunteers of all ages with seniors. The Senior Companion Program connects older volunteers with seniors who lack support systems but need nuanced care. Volunteer Services provide the community with opportunities to provide essential services, while referral services leverage organizational partnerships to help seniors find the resources they need.

People always ask me what the name of our service group — SAI — stands for. For us, SAI means “to serve and inspire.” Our guru taught us that helping others is the best possible use of our time on earth. Every Saturday, our members reach about 30 homes. I can tell you from personal experience how grateful our disadvantaged clients are to receive meals. I vividly recall a woman who thanked me over and over again when I delivered her meal. I responded, “You have probably helped thousands of people in your life. I’m only helping you for a day – you don’t have to thank me that much”. When we help feed seniors, we serve those who have served their communities for years. Their example is our inspiration.

—Giridhar Uppalapati, volunteer since 2005